for any non-Australians confused by the post about the darkness-dwelling drugs ed giraffe, this is the trailer of Happy Healthy Harold

a puppet controlled by a woman who taught us primary schoolers about keeping the human body healthy and who smoked cigarettes during her break

Harold also had a giraffe uncle which consisted of a giant robotic head and neck partially supported by chains

(no one else remembers the uncle on chains though so maybe it was some nightmare I had)
EDIT: the rattly chainy giraffe uncle is remembered by several other unfortunates, thank heavens

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    No, we had it at Dayboro. I think one year they covered the digestive system. There was a body in a cupboard with...
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    Harold was awesome. Pretty sure he also had a glowing heart which activated when there was stranger danger.
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    when I was in year…. 4 I think, I got to pat him on the head first ;-; I FELT SO PRIVILEGED.
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    Oh my fuck, I didn’t even remember this until now, there was like a plastic body insde and one time a kid in my class...
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    TW: I vomited in it too! It was terrible. I think it was the lights and the stuffiness.
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    Fun fact: I vomited in Harold the giraffe’s trailer not once, not twice but thrice.
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    the dark side of Happy Healthy Harold
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    There was a guy dressed up in the Harold suit teaching kids about crossing the road safely and he got hit by a car. I...
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    In yr 6 when you finally find out that it is indeed a puppet
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    This was not just an Australian thing!!!! We had him in the UK in primary school!!!
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    I fucking cries ok I missed him i loved the fuck out of him when i was a kid i wanted all his stuff but i couldn’t get...
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    when he was at our school people broke in and stole him and trashed his home, that was the last time i saw him.
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