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this month’s horoscopes

AQUARIUS: dark water fills your room from an unknown source
PISCES: discomfort brought by floating objects
ARIES: everyday items pretend to be bones
GEMINI: the moon is swallowed up by string
CANCER: a sudden shift, pavement, gentle clouds
VIRGO: stinging, fluttering, delirium
LIBRA: the cessation of panic; dark woods
SCORPIO: incessant humming in e flat
SAGITTARIUS: ectoplasm
CAPRICORN: swallowed by snow

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Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

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Stop Telling Me What to Wear


I am a woman. I wear clothes. Stop her! They shout this into the void or trash bins or on the toilet, sitting.

I once read an article from a guy who said girls shouldn’t wear high-waisted shorts. Maybe it wasn’t an article and maybe I just watched an old man pee slowly into a garbage can. I can’t be sure. Either way, “ever?” I said and he said “NO!!!! NEVER!!!” This G.U.Y was not an authority on clothing or women. He just thought he was HELPING, a big HELPER when it came to women’s clothing. Because he was simply a man? Because he once cut his fingernails and they were unfortunately jagged and it hurt to scratch his face? Because he has a DVD rack with Fight Club and a heart full of opinions? The world may never know.

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where do I apply for this job

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every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags

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i can’t deal with this fucking picture i have been laughing for 20 minutes bye

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Martin & Cracker

what kind of name is martin for a dog

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FACE TO FACE: A demonstrator held a mirror to reflect police officers in Kiev, Ukraine, Monday Dec 30th. 2013. Opposition activists protested in the capital, continuing more than a month of rallies opposing the government’s decision to shelve a key deal with the European Union.

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